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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will I lose weight?

Quite possibly! Often when people switch to a clean eating diet with little to no processed food and temporarily give up sugar and alcohol they loose weight if they need to.

+ What diet do your meal plans follow?

The meal plans following classic clean eating principles by no processed foods, gluten-free, and low-to-no sugar.

The meal plans are what I call "flexible." Several recipes may contain meat but every recipe offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Most weeks there are meal plans alternatives that are vegetarian/vegan.

I personally primarliy follow a plant-based diet but incorporate seafood and dairy sometimes and very occasionally will have meat.

+ Will the meal plans work for my whole family?

The meal plans and shopping lists contain breakfast and dinner for two adults and two children as well as lunch and snacks for two adults on weekdays and breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a family of four on the weekends. If you have other needs consider the V.I.P. option or add on a custom meal planning package.

+ What if I have a personal question I don't want to discuss in the group?

I've totally got you covered! Send me a quick email and I will respond with your answer. I am also known to do a quick voice recording when necessary to answer your question!

+ How much time does this program take each week?

You'll be engaging in practices to save you time each week and manage your stress. The practices take from 20 minutes to one hour.

What you won't be doing is watching long videos or reading lots of information! The info is there if you need it but Healthy Moms First is all about taking action!

+ What if I am not a good cook or don't like to cook?

The meal plans utilize leftovers and meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Consider the custom meal planning package if you want further help with meal planning and cooking.

+ What's up with the disco?

I have always loved all things vintage -- from ironic t-shirts to disco music and bell-bottom corduroys.

The disco represents the fun we are going to have together, that this work doesn't need to be too serious or too pastel.

+ What is your refund policy?

Due to the program design I do not offer a refund for Healthy Moms First.