Two years ago I was stressed out.  Sad and overwhelmed.  I knew I had to make a change and I started working with a health coach.  I cut out alcohol and sugar and started being more mindful about what I was eating and the affect it had on my body.

My coach had me get up a little earlier in the morning.  Drink hot water with lemon. Meditate. Journal.

I was resistant at first.  I didn't think I needed these things but I was tired.  Tired of feeling unfocused, listless and impatient.

Over time I began to notice a difference.  I lost weight and had more energy.  I was happier and more focused.

But there was more.  I was more patient as a mother, more filled with joy at little things and more present in my relationships.

Now, when I struggle, I have a support system and the confidence in myself I have the tools to make it through.

When I am eating well and taking care of myself, my energy is off the charts and I wake up happy and excited.

The best part is that these weren't huge changes, just little steps that I integrated into my life between all the other things I had to do.

I created Healthy Moms first to share those things so that you can feel this way too.


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